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Creator & Executive Producer, She Did That

Renae Bluitt’s first cinematic project, "She Did That.," explores the passionate pursuits of Black women and their entrepreneurship journeys. An extension of Renae's In Her Shoes blog, "She Did That." offers an intimate peek inside the lives of Black women entrepreneurs who continuously raise the glass ceiling for future generations.

There are approximately 1.9 million Black women-owned firms that employ over 376,500 staffers and generate $51.4 billion in total revenues. What drives Black women to turn their obstacles into opportunities and passions into profit? "She Did That." seeks to answer this question with the goal of inspiring the next generation of change agents.


Editor-in-Chief, In Her Shoes

As the Editor-in-Chief of In Her Shoes blog, I’ve always been intrigued by other women’s stories: their 'ah-ha' moments, successes, struggles, and most importantly, what inspires them to fight the good fight when times get tough. I hope that by sharing all of these inspiring stories in one space, I will inspire women who are ready to take the leap and keep those who are already up-and-running motivated.

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